Qatar and the Recalibration of Power in the Gulf

Paper September 11, 2014

Qatar wants to increase its influence and break free from Saudi Arabia’s orbit. But its miscalculations and domestic and international challenges make that difficult. | عربي


Obama’s Strategic Gambles in Syria and Iraq

Syria in Crisis September 11, 2014

Obama’s strategy is a positive step forward after years of relative inaction on part of the United States, but it is far from comprehensive.


The Military Economy and the Future of the Private Sector in Egypt

Al Shorouk September 9, 2014

The number and size of economic ventures carried out by affiliates of the Egyptian armed forces will have long-term negative effects on the future of Egypt’s private sector. | عربي


Topics Discussed

Defeating the Islamic State Requires a Saudi-Iranian Compromise

Article September 4, 2014

The success of any U.S. effort to establish an international coalition to counter the Islamic State will depend on whether Saudi Arabia and Iran can compromise.



Backdrop to an Intervention: Sources of Egyptian-Libyan Border Tension

Article August 28, 2014

Egypt and its Gulf backers need to end their harmful meddling in Libya’s affairs under the guise of counterterrorism. It is destabilizing both Libya and Egypt.

Topics Discussed
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