The Syrian Opposition’s Bleak Outlook

Article April 17, 2014

The Syrian National Coalition is living on borrowed time. Unless it can develop credible political leadership and effective administration inside Syria, the outlook for those trying to make it succeed looks bleak. | عربي

Topics Discussed

The Roots of Crisis in Northern Lebanon

paper April 15, 2014

Syria’s civil war is helping destabilize the city of Tripoli and threatening other parts of Lebanon. But today’s challenges have plagued Lebanon since long before the Syrian uprising. | عربي

Topics Discussed

From Arab Spring to Presidential Spring

Al-Hayat April 3, 2014

The “Presidential Spring” now underway in the Arab world reveals the enduring power of entrenched elite players and institutional actors and their ability to perpetuate self-serving—and mostly authoritarian—politics. | عربي


Five Questions for Sisi, Egypt’s Man of Mystery

Article March 27, 2014

Egyptians know very little about the man who will likely be their next president—including whether he can untangle the knot of problems ensnaring the country. | عربي


Syria’s Spring Offensives and the Death of Diplomacy

Al-Hayat March 6, 2014

The failure of the Geneva-II peace talks may have been inevitable but it has also raised the stakes even further for the Assad regime and the opposition, each of which still seeks to gain a decisive advantage on the battlefield. | عربي

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