The Sisi Government’s Attempts to Win Over Egypt’s Civil Servants

Article August 28, 2014

The setting of a minimum and maximum wage for Egypt’s civil service will help the system become more transparent and equal. But comprehensive reform is still needed. | عربي


The Arab Region at Tipping Point

Al-Hayat August 22, 2014

The Arab states are at a tipping point. Some have already gone past it, while others must make hard choices if they are to avoid it. | عربي


Egypt, Counterterrorism, and the Politics of Alienation

Article August 25, 2014

The Sisi government’s policies of repression and exclusion are alienating Egypt’s restive population and threatening to push Egyptians into the arms of extremist groups. | عربي


The Political and Security Fallout of the Battle in Arsal

Al-Hayat August 16, 2014

The battle that pitted the Lebanese Armed Forces against Islamist extremist groups led by the Islamic State in the border town of Arsal in early August 2014 has exposed a web of intertwined problems in Lebanon. | عربي


How Egypt Prolonged the Gaza War

Foreign Policy August 20, 2014

As negotiations on a lasting cease-fire in Gaza grind on in Cairo, it’s not only the animosity between Israel and Hamas that is complicating the talks—it’s also Egypt’s role as mediator.

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